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One of my favorite Old Testament passages of Scripture is Psalm 19.

David, the shepherd boy who became king of all Israel had a great love for God’s Word. Obviously, he had a great love for God and understood the importance of what God said to direct his life. Note what he says in this Wonderful Psalm.

First, The Witness of Creation (vs 1-6). God’s creation witnesses to His existence. As a young shepherd boy, David spent many hours of his days and nights in the quietness of the field overseeing his father’s sheep. The wonders of the skies were before him day and night. The wonders that became so familiar spoke of the simple, evident truth that God is the creator. In the first six verses, he shares evidences that God not only exists but that He created the heavens and the earth. This confirmation gave David a lifelong trust in God who made all things.

Second, The Witness of the Scriptures (vs 7-9). While the entire Bible had not been received from God at that time, David had a marvelous love and understanding for what God had given. He indicated that it was “perfect” (without blemish), that it was “sure” (certain), “true” and “much to be desired.” God used this man because he listened to what God said and then obeyed. Yes, he failed at times in his life but he always returned to listening to God. 

Third, The Witness Applied to His Life (vs 10-14). His desire was to know God more than finding material prosperity, there was a sweetness in life when following God’s words. David found warnings, reward, knowledge and cleansing of sin, and he did not allow sin to dominate his life. 

David closes having found strength in the Lord as His Redeemer. May I suggest that over the next days you read and meditate in this wonderful Psalm until it becomes one of your favorites!

In Christ our Savior,

Pastor Robert Kurtz
Psalm 19:14

"...look on the fields..."  John 4:35

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