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     Would you consider walking on water in the middle of a lake? You are probably going to answer, "Sure - when it is frozen!" But the Sea of Galilee was not frozen that night when the Savior walked to His struggling disciples. A sudden storm was raging and after about 8 hours the contrary winds made progress almost impossible and they had gone only about three miles. So much for seasoned fisherman caught in a "boisterous"  storm!
     The day had begun with the Lord and a large crowd listening to His teaching. As the day began to fade toward evening, the disciples did not know how to provide for the crowd's physical hunger. A young boy had 5 loaves and 2 fishes. Jesus had taken the little and satisfied the hunger of the entire crowd. And there were leftovers! He had just performed an amazing miracle! The crowd wanted to make Jesus their king!
     But the Savior knew that they looked for a political answer to their problems while He was dealing with their spiritual needs. They were thinking of their immediate situation while not grasping that which was spiritual and eternal. And so He sent the disciples and the crowd away and went into a quite place to pray. 
     He knew of the struggle that developed for His disciples in the midst of the storm. Caring for His own, the Son of God walked across the water until He came to a fearful group of disciples. The Savior sought to quiet their fears with "It is I, be not afraid." Impetuous Peter requested that he walk to meet the Lord. I am sure you remember that as Peter took steps across the water, he soon took his eyes off the Lord and became fearful over his circumstances. (Matthew 14:22-33) How easy it was to forget the miracle that had taken place only that afternoon and to have faith in Jesus.
     Before we are too hard on Peter, let's consider the situations and struggles that we face in our day. I find that we are too often engrossed with the circumstances and take our eyes off the Lord. Could we be guilty of focusing on the present situation rather than the One who loved us enough to purchase our salvation upon the cross of Calvary?
     Jesus spoke rather harshly to his disciples, "O thou of little faith, wherefore didst thou doubt?" Remember, "His eye is on the sparrow, and I know He cares for me!" 

Keep your eyes on the Savior,
Pastor Robert F. Kurtz

"...look on the fields..."  John 4:35

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