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     Three thousand years ago, the Psalmist was living in a trouble time. He wrote a song (Psalm 46) about how he handled that period in his Iife. While we don’t have the music, the words have been a source of help to many in times of difficulty.

          1. He had confidence in God - “God IS our refuge and strength…”(Psalm 46:1) A refuge is a place to find when the problems mount beyond our own ability. God is that refuge. The strength that he found was due to a clear and intimate knowledge of God. He had true faith and was confident that God could help him. He rested daily in a personal relationship with God, knowing that he needed Him every day.

     2. He noted God’s care - “a very present HELP in trouble.” (Psalm 46:1b). God is present and our resource to help. A Christian may feel the pressures of life’s troubles, but God is there as a shepherd caring for His sheep. When we are in a “tight place” (the meaning of the word trouble), God is a secure place in who we can put our trust. His strength is exceedingly more than our troubles.

     3. He took courage in God - “therefore will we NOT fear…” (Psalm 46:2). The Psalmists situation must have seemed overwhelming. He compared it to catastrophes taking place upon the earth (mountains tumbling into the sea). You may remember the story of Peter starting to walk on the sea to meet the Lord but fear overtook him and he began to sink in the water. The Lord reached out and helped Peter. As true believers we can trust the Savior who is more powerful than the storm!

     Five hundred years ago, Martin Luther expressed his trust in God. It was a very troubling time in his life when he penned the following words of his great hymn. “A mighty fortress is our God, A bulwark never failing; Our helper He amid the floods of mortal ills prevailing.” Luther had confidence in God, believed in God’s help, and took courage in Him. The final words of that hymn are: “God’s truth abideth still, His kingdom is forever.”

     How are you handling the troubling situations of our day? Try reading Psalm 46 daily for a couple of weeks and let the words of this wonderful Psalm encourage and strengthen you.


Trusting in Christ,

Robert F. Kurtz, Pastor

Psalm 46

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