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"Hear me when I call, O God of my righteousness:..." - Psalm 4:1

       The phone rings. You answer it - "hello"' .. "hello" and suddenly the caller hangs up and is gone. I've been getting calls like this almost daily. Ever felt like you pray and God just does not answer? King David had fled his home in Jerusalem in Psalm 4 because his own son had gathered an army and was taking the city. David was not safe and he called out to God as he escaped. His prayer was made as he went to bed that night. "Hear me when I call,"
      Note (verse 1) His Call. His prayer is recognizing God to be the true God of creation. His call is personal ("my"). This personal relationship had long since been established. When he had been in distress in past time, God had delivered him. Now he was calling upon God again.
      Second, I note His Complaint. The rebellion had been building for some time as Absalom (his son) had been spreading lies about his father. (vs 2)
      Third, His Confidence. Verse 3 speaks of his belonging to God. He had been set apart to God and he could claim to be godly. He stood in "awe" or respect of God (vs. 4). To "commune" is to meditate and to quietly listen to God. How do we listen to God? He has spoken to us in the Bible and that is a lot to listen to! Praying involves more than just calling, it involves listening to what God has said. 
      Fourth, His Contentment. In verse 7, the reference is to a farmer having a great year of harvest. His point is that God brings greater gladness to his heart and is better than success in life. His trust in God (vs 8) allowed him to go to sleep in peace because God would oversee and care for Him.
      Life can throw some pretty harsh curves at us. But we can have a calm assurance and a wonderful peace in trusting God. Every situation is not settled at once. God has His ways of working what is best. But during the difficulties, God will hear us and give us peace as we trust Him. God does not hang up on us!

In our wonderful Savior,
Pastor Robert Kurtz

"...look on the fields..."  John 4:35

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